General Guild Rules

  • Respect each other.
  • Please do not spam the guild/alliance chat with p/c's. If someone speaks up, chances are it's bugging other people too.
  • If you find yourself flirting with a guild or alliance member, and they don't welcome it - stop. I consider it harassment to keep pursuing someone if they requested you cut it out. 
  • I won't tolerate hackers, because these days the game is so broken, there's no sense in hacking anyway. Don't tarnish our reputation.
  • If you start something with someone, handle your crap. Don't expect people to back you up if it's unreasonable.
  • If you're going on hiatus, please let me know, I'll take your hiatus into account when I need to clear the guild for inactivity.

General Alliance Rules (for my Guild members)

  • Respect each other, if you share a different opinion address it reasonably.
  • Please do not spam the guild/alliance chat with p/c's. If someone speaks up, chances are it's bugging other people too.
  • If your alliance member complains about something you post in chat, be prepared to handle the situation - don't post reckless comments in the alliance chat.
  • Make an effort to make a friend, if you seem interested in someone - chances are they'll take interest in you. Take a risk to get to know someone! Foster a healthy sense of curiosity.
  • If you run into any problems do not involve other people hastily, try to resolve it with those most directly involved, if you think you need help addressing the problem approach the alliance guild masters, GAUDI juniors, or Val.
  • Don't hesitate to voice out your concerns or comments if something is on your mind about the alliance. Please feel free to share.
  • Do not attempt to scam, or pressure alliance members to share their account information with you. I will act swiftly to investigate you if I find out you were involved in a scam targeting our guild and alliance members.

To the Juniors

  • I intend to keep the number of juniors low. Nothing personal. I generally only selected juniors who I trust,  and I can contact outside of Maple. With that said, please don't beg to be a junior.
  • Juniors, you can reach me via Send me a PM in case of emergency or if you want to keep in touch. I need you to make our guild happen. Basil ID: Fiercerain

Pecking Order

Hi y'all
I organized the guild based on how well you know how to do things in Maple. Subjective I know, but if you're relatively new to the game, this is a nice chance for you as a Newcomer to figure out who's a Veteran, someone who's been playing Maple long enough to help you out to give you some tips.
Veterans, be nice, yeah?

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