Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Thank you.. everyone.


Thank you for being kind...
Thank you for being patient..
With a smile too..

I couldn't have imagined finding people like you all.
Taking in other people to join our fun.

Thank you for keeping each other company..
Doing your best, even when things seem bleak..

For letting me take care of you.. when I can..
Just as you've taken care of me, and protected me..

For staying with me even through failures..
For putting up with my complaints..

Thank you for staying with me..
Even through uncertainty..

We'd likely never meet in a lifetime..
But each of you had made an impact on me..

 I'll do my best to cherish our time together..
You all made my time worthwhile.

Thank you.. for being here with me.
If we go our separate ways, I won't forget you..


  1. Awww thank you!
    Even though im quite new here lol. x3

    1. Hi Lior~
      You're new to the guild, but I've gotten to known you for a while now too. This video if you too, you know. ;)