Monday, July 29, 2013

Today I learned - Hydrogen Peroxide

Today I learned...
Hydrogen Peroxide burns.. can burn a lot if it gets on your eyes.. specially if you use contact lenses.

Today I went to see my eye doctor because I wanted to get prescription contact lenses. She recommended a cleaning solution on top of the solution I use to store my contact lenses. Well guess what? A hydrogen peroxide cleaning solution does just the trick to clean my icky lenses after wearing them for the day. Of course my doctor told me what to look out for - mainly if I use the H2O2 (hydrogen peroxide) solution I have to wait a whole 6 hours to make sure it turns to oxygen and water. She also told me if I don't wait, the chemical reaction would not fully complete, and any remaining H2O2 will burn my eyes.. nice to know. :o

Hydrogen Peroxide has other uses though, a while ago I found out a faster and just as good way to clean mold and mildew off of surfaces. Yes sounds gross, but if you ever showered, and the walls of your washroom start looking a little funky, a few dark spots here and there - that's a sign of mildew growth. There are simple cleaners that will get it off, but why use them when you can use a mix of 1 part H2O2, and 1 part H20 to get it off! Just spray, let it sit on the mildew for a little while, and wipe it off. Make sure you clean the area too.

Go figure. Other household items for cleaners.



    ^^^Dude, best one I've ever used for contact use.
    Yes, totally needs you to wait 6 hours, but better than having to clean them by hand.
    Although, I was recommended by the doc to clean it manually, just to be safe.

    1. Yes :)
      My eye doctor recommended Clear Care to clean up my contacts, and I usually set the lenses in the little container over night and transfer them to a disinfecting solution when I'm ready to use them.
      Thanks for the recommendation!