Saturday, August 31, 2013

Today I Learned - Moving is a Ton of Work

Today I learned..

Lending a hand for a friend who's moving out of their apartment, and into a new apartment can make a huge difference.

Lately I've been coordinating with a new roommate who's moving into my apartment for the year. I met with him through a mutual friend, and he seems all around personable, and even better he's talkative! The poor guy had to move out of his apartment by today, noon, and welp - he needed help! We managed to get the largest pieces of furniture into our apartment, and he was rushing to get his stuff organized to move into his car then to our apartment. It was a lot more help than I signed up for, but I anticipated it was going to be a lot of work anyway. I didn't mind helping because I remembered the first time I moved into an apartment - a pair of hands can go a long way..

When I started attending my current university, I had to quickly figure out how to organize my stuff in my hometown for the trip because I didn't know how to drive, I didn't have anyone available to offer help to drive me and my stuff to my apartment, and both my parents worked full time during the day. It was really difficult traveling - I was going to basically pick up my life from hometown and move into a new city on my own.. it was a 400 mile (~640km) journey north. It might not sound like much to some who have traveled and moved frequently growing up, but.. this was a first for me - and I was going at it alone.

My living room with my roommate's stuff all over.
Needless to say, I got my stuff through just fine.. I timed the deliveries of a few boxes full of stuff I shipped from a few days before I left my hometown to synchronize with my arrival. I timed it perfectly.. but I was exhausted, and even when I arrived I was still alone. I was the first to arrive in the apartment, all my other roommates at the time were still enjoying their summer and coming to the apartment later in the fall.
My kitchen with stuff cluttering the counter tops.

Moving stuff all around by yourself is no fun! :(
I managed to settle in the apartment and claim my room, but I was so tired.. and from there on out I waited for my other roommates to eventually move-in.

Needless to say again.. my new roommate needed help moving his stuff into our apartment, and it made a difference.

I hope what you learn is, if you need help don't hesitate to ask, but be fair and let your helper know what they're getting themselves into too. And if you can help, it can really make a difference in someone's life - specially while they're transitioning to a new place to live.


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