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Guides - Pink Bean Bossing

Pre-requisite quest

Recommendations (in no particular order):

  • Lv. 180 + will have an easier time not missing
  • If you can afford them, purchase a few Destiny Wheels from the Cash Shop
  • The run is a group effort, follow the captain's directions - or you risk killing everyone
  • Blue lines represent platforms
  • Yellow circles represent spots to best attack Aria because she's too awkwardly high up
  • Red lines represent lines you do not cross until you get the signal
  • When you get the signal to walk to the opposite end of the map, do not attack anything until everyone has grouped up along the walls - doing so may trigger a statue and get everyone killed
  • If an Owl Statue activates, do not pass the red line depicted below or you will trigger the Owls
    • The left Owl has 30k DR
    • the right Owl seduces for 40 seconds
  • Pink Bean's DR cycle starts once PB's HP drops below 90%, at which point only attack when the DR goes away, or attack if a friend has a bypass for DR
    • When PB's DR goes down you have 10 seconds to attack it until it casts DR again, no more or you risk dying. Timing is important here.

Pink Bean Run

Phase 1 - Statue 1
Phase 2 - Statue 1 & 5
Phase 3 - Statue 1, 5, and 2. Hug the wall and do not pass the red line once you start attacking Statue 2
Phase 4 - Statue 1, 5, and then 2, 4. As soon as Statue 2 goes down, hug the wall near Statue 5 and do not pass the red line
Phase 5 - All statues will activate, take out statues 1, and 2 first, then statues 5, and 4. Save Statue 3 for last
Phase 6 - Pink Bean

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