Sunday, August 25, 2013

BBS - Maryse.Maple wants to hear from you!

Hi All,
If you use Skype, and you're hoping Nexon would address their players a little more closely, then take advantage of this offer from Maryse of the Official Maplestory Forum. Here's the direct quote she posted:
"Hey guys!
I said a couple days but really, I can't wait any longer haha.

I know some of you have a strong opinion when it comes to MapleStory/Nexon. Some things that aren't exactly allowed to be said on the forums.
What I'm willing to do is spend some time with you guys, 1 on 1, and have you tell me what you honestly think of the game. I also have a few questions to help me come up with a report as well as statistics.
I can't promise you that I will be releasing the report/statistics as they'll go directly to the staff.

I will not be taking any feedback on here, but on Skype, as I feel it's better to actually be talking in-real time and in a private setting and so I don't have to refresh the page and keep up with all of the answers. And so I won't have to censor any of you guys! 
I'll also be posting on SouthPerry, Basil and Reddit so I can have as many people as possible.

However, I won't be taking any hacker/bugs and glitches reports. Only feedback. But when it comes to feedback, there'll be no limit, you can tell me anything you want and I'll be sure to pass it on as best as I can. 

I won't be using my main Skype account, but an alternative one for this: Maryse.Maple

For safety reasons, I will not be clicking on any links and/or accepting any files you will send me.

Hope to hear from you guys! :)"

If you're interested you can contact her on Skype: Maryse.Maple and let her know what you think can change about Maplestory! Here are also the respective threads she posted in:


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