Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Jennie's (SayuriKawa) & Min's (Minsei) tag vids! Sandy, Michael, and Yun have been chosen!

Hi all,
Jennie (SayuriKawa) posted a video for her tag!
If you're curious about Mercuria's tag event check out their page for the rules.

Who's next, and still remaining?
Remember, a video is not required to respond to someone's tag, you can find other creative ways to share your three facts and your tags~
Juan (Beeizebubiv)
Jenni (Kyumineko)
Luke (NevrHadXenon)
Kyle (SimplyHumble)
Xavi (LeNoirr)
Sandy (AznMage1011)
Michael (Guardian2)
Yunnie (J3raveHeart)

Yay Jennie, thanks for sharing! :D

In amazing speed, Min (Minsei) also responded with her vid the same day. :)

Thank you both~


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