Thursday, August 15, 2013

Alliance Event - Mercuria Tag!

Mercuria is hosting an event called Tag!

The purpose of tag is to get to know our alliance members behind the avatars who play Maplestory. 

The concept is simple. If you're tagged, that means you're being asked to share three facts about yourself! You can be creative how you choose to present yourself if you're tagged next. You have seven days to respond from the time you are announced for a tag. After you're done sharing, tag another member from the alliance, heck tag two, maybe three - but no more than three please.

Unfortunately Maya hasn't made the video public, but you can view her explanation here, or on Mercuria's page. Below is Kenny's tag vid, enjoy!

If you want to participate, keep up with the vids at Mercuria's Tag page, and hope you get tagged!




  1. Hahaha what a lovely event!

  2. Update: Here are the links to the other tag responses.