Sunday, August 18, 2013

Today I learned - Time and Friendship

Today I learned..
Even though months go by, sometimes even years!.. friends (specially online friends) resurface and come back to say hi. :)

I'll try to keep this short and simple - here goes! Around 2010 I came back to Maple, and I was playing with a few friends, we eventually formed guilds and organized people and had loads of fun. I would later meet some wonderful friends that I got really close to over the year, and one in particular who made a pretty big difference in my life. Half a year passes, and it's early 2011.. most of the friends I made and who I felt close to have gone away, the online ones at least. For a while a felt a bit bummed because I lost contact with them, and even more bummed for those who I used to send mail to.

The silence was often discouraging, and I didn't really feel like keeping an online presence, especially on Maple because it brought back a lot of cherished memories. I used to think to myself, "it's just a game really," but that no longer really cut it. I made too many friends, and bonds - bonds with people who I'd likely never see in a lifetime, but I was perfectly okay with that, I was real happy getting to know them, even if for the online personalities they posed at times.

As the years went by, I still played Maple and made some new friends and we've been getting along just peachy. I wanted to do something different though, and seek out more interests my friends have, even if just simple things I could offer to help. Sure enough.. over time I've been seeing more and more familiar names popping up here and there, and though I stopped talking to some of them because we simply drifted apart, we've also drifted together and had chances to rekindle our friendships.

Today I learned that I can't really forget a friend, even if I know little about them, and even if I met them online. It's a very happy feeling to say hi to a friend who went away for a long while, sometimes years, and see them say hi back.

So thank you to those who have come back to say hi.



  1. This is the first "Today I learned" Story I've read. Well done, Val. As a newbie to the game and to the guild as well. It makes me happy that I have a virtual home and family I can come back to...xD that's if I ever leave Maple. xP

  2. Aww Friends forever <3