Sunday, August 4, 2013

Today I learned - Creme of Chicken+Croissant = :)

Today I learned..
That buttered croissants make a nice addition to creme of chicken soup!

I'm on vacation right now, and visiting family. I was out with my partner and we were shopping around for some groceries. She doesn't like to cook, but I absolutely love it! While we browsed around the aisles, I tried thinking of a dish to prepare quickly. We were both hungry because we spent the entire day visiting her family, and loved ones. Sure enough I had brainwave; I wanted her to try my homemade creme of chicken soup!

We got our ingredients, but I felt something was missing.. so I decided to get the first bread product that came to mind.. buttered croissants. I cooked the creme of chicken soup, and we had a lovely dinner. The croissants were a nice balance.~

Not the exact recipe I followed, but it's a recipe for creme of chicken soup.
These are croissants!

If there's a dish you like, I'd like to see what you enjoy eating, it'd give me more cooking ideas.


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