Sunday, November 24, 2013

Guild Attendance in Effect! Will you be removed?

Hello all,
It's been a little while since I last posted an update. This time around I'm running attendance for the guild to make room for new members. At the end of attendance I will generate a kick list, and I will ask GAUDI members if they recognize people listed on the kick list. How many people are going to be removed? I don't know at this time.

Attendance will be in effect until December 23, 2013.

How do I remain in the guild?
Simple, post a comment below with your ign and name and you're good to go. If I don't already recognize you by name, or because you hardly interact with the other guild members, it's likely you will appear on the kick list. Alternatively, post your name/nickname in the guild BBS before the deadline.

So why attendance?
I want to see who are still interested in Maplestory, and who are still interested sticking around with GAUDI before I open recruitment later in December. Before I open recruitment I must check in with as many current members as I can and get to know those who I don't know for whatever reason.

Lately I've been very proud of a handful of our members. Several have been keeping up with each other on WhatsApp, others occasionally say hi on forum sites I share with them. I don't think it's fair to keep people who are not as interested getting to know one another if there's a chance to recruit someone that clicks with the guild and will make friends out of being in GAUDI.

There is also the very real possibility that no kick list will be generated because everyone wants to stay with the guild. If you have any questions, ask away.~

Happy mapling,


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