Friday, November 22, 2013

Potential New Guild Joining Lore?

Greetings Lore,
I just wanted to let you all know we have a guild that's interested joining Lore. Below is a transcript of how the interview went down. I let the guild master know what to expect in terms of each, or however many of you respond to this post voting on recruiting her guild into our alliance. Kenners made a gud punto to open this up to the Lore alliance for srs bzn.

To be frank, we need your (Lore as a whole'ish) input to get the okay to accept her guild, or reject. Details about Margo's guild and a transcript of the interview is below.

More importantly, if you have had issues with Margo's guild, make that explicit below (meaning, complain about it in the comment section).

Happy Mapling~

Guild Master: Margo
IGN: LumiPix, and many other characters.
Guild: UFC

Why UFC? (This is up to each of you to decide.)
What?: Wants to join Lore alliance. Has no issues with Symbolism, Mercuria, or GAUDI.
Reason: She’s currently not in an alliance, and does not want to be alone.
Time Zone: She plays in the Netherlands (UTC -04:00, +9 PST, +6 EST). Her members play in European Time Zones, easily +6 ~ +9 hours from Lore members.

IMPORTANT: Do any of you have any issues with UFC, or had issues with UFC in the past?

Interview Transcript:
LumiPix = Margo
SkipperPiece = Val
Margo: um here
Val: hi there Margo~ welcome back. I heard you’re looking for an alliance?
Margo: thx was wondering if I could join you (join your alliance).
Val: I have a few questions though
Margo: sure
Val: perfect, thank you. Are you in an alliance right now?
Margo: No.
Val: What’s the name of your guild?
Margo: UFC
Val: How long have you had UFC?
Margo: Not long, but all this is not important (not sure if she was referring to the details about her guild, or my questions.)
Val: to me it is. What do you want to get out of an alliance?
Margo: I don’t want to be alone.
Val: Are you the only one in the guild that’s active?
Margo: Yes but that doesn’t matter.
Val: How about friends who play in your guild?
Margo: They work and play on different time zones.
Val: What time zone do you play on?
Margo: Netherland (UTC – 04:00).
Val: Okie, one second. (Val doesn’t have anymore questions regarding Margo, her guild, and her guild’s situation at this point).
Val: Okay, here are questions about our alliance. Lately people have lost interest in Maplestory, what that means if not many people log in the game, will that be a problem for you?
Margo: No.
Val: What this means, in our alliance things often get quiet, is that a problem?
-Margo did not address this question.-
Margo: Too many questions. It’s just a game, just ask me yes or no questions.
Val: I need to ask these questions, sorry hun. If you’re busy I can ask another time.
Margo: Then my response would be the same; you ask too many questions.
-Val ignores the last few statements.-
Val: Nearly all our players are native English speakers, is that a problem?
Margo: I speak only English (To clarify, Margo speaks native Dutch, but she understands simple English well enough to communicate with other English speakers as long as they don’t get too crazy with the grammar).
Val: Most of our players are EST, or PST, is that a problem?
Margo: I don’t know. I’m from the Netherlands, and others are from outside of Europe.
Val: Let me clarify, what that means is you probably might not see a lot of people online, is that a problem for you?
Margo: No.
Val: Meaning, if it’s about 4PM for you right now, it’s 7AM for me. That means when it’s 7PM for me when I play more, it’s 4AM for you.
Margo: I don’t know maple times.
Val: Do you think you will stay in the alliance if it goes inactive? (as inactive as it already is. SHHHAAAME LORE, kidding.)
Margo: I don’t know, I have to see.

Margo: I don’t even know how long I have to live because I’m sick in real life.
Val: Thank you Margo. I know hun, you should be resting when you can. (trying to steer the conversation from potential bias.)
Margo: Nah, don’t need rest because I just have one life.
Val: Bad <3

Val: Does it bother you when people say bad words?
Margo: Yes, I hate that.
Val: Okay, that was all my questions. I’m sorry to keep asking, but thank you Margo. Do you have any questions for me?
Margo: lol, yes why did you ask so many questions?
Val: I am not the alliance master. Our alliance all learn about the guilds we take in. We vote if we want to have a guild here, so we need as much information as possible.
Margo: I see. Well, what guilds are in the Lore alliance?
Val: The guilds are Symbolism, Mercuria, and GAUDI. Do you have any problems with these guilds?
Margo: No.
-- End of Interview  --

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